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Mixing station v 2.3.4b Placeable

Mixing station

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In mixing station can be prepared as a feed mixer , animal feed. But in large quantities, since you can fill them with a fully loaded trailer.

Three bins should be filled silage hay ( grass ) and straw ( 50t each) , the hour produces 10 tons fodder mixing tank is full, it adds 100T feed that can pick up a trailer or immediately withdraw the tube over the trough and feed the animals .

There are 3 levels of analog indicators , moreover, the exact levels will be displayed in a cabinet in the certificate.

LED displays :
Flashing red = empty hopper
Flashing Amber = mixing tank full
Green = everything is OK ( foodmixture produced )

So you do not have to constantly go to the control system , there is a message in the form of “Live Ticker”, which displays a message at the top of the screen.

Price: 32499 operating costs € 12 per day .

Changes in version 2.3.4b:
Unloading auger is rotated in different directions, extends in length. In mixing station can be filled already finished foodmixture . Moving version, can also be set via the “GIANTS Editor 5.0.3” ( instruction format . Pdf archive ) .

Unzip the archive .



Mixing station v 2.3.4b Placeable
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  1. Don

    How do i get the auger to rotate? I set mine up like u did in your video but can’t get it to dump into feeding trough or into a trailer (don’t speak German so i couldn’t understand audio), have tried several mod trailers but nothing has worked.It looks like a great mod, thanks!

    • Farmer

      Hello Don. You can use a “Gilibert 1800 Pro” to load from mixstation to trailer.

  2. Anonymous

    Hello Don. You can use a “Gilibert 1800 Pro” to load mixfood from mixstation to trailer.

  3. benoit

    c trop bien

  4. titi

    trop bien

  5. Majster

    It will be cool if you could put for example pototes or sugar beet of even some crops in it or make other mixing station with this function. I think that was possible on some map

  6. Anonymous

    I agree with Majster. Cattle eat corn, wheat, even barley which are other fruits grown on the standard map but you can only feed the straw or the whole plant chaffed. I would like to be able to feed any type of seed grain but most especially corn. If it could be done I’d like to see a mod for that, it’s more real after all, no?

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