This mod extends the functionality of mowers for mowing of cereal and an increase in yield of grassland fertilization. The latter is a demand for the manure / dung -Mod.

The mod works globally , that is, it is available without any modifications in all mowers that use the standard ” mower” – specific . Simply the mod – zip in the mods folder and you’re done .

The two points individually : ( I was going to have two mods from it , but that was unfortunately not possible technically )

Grain – cutting:

It can be mowed with a mower now everything drops a windrow ( swath ) . In mature grain are normal straw is stored , but more than if you ‘d just thrash . Fertilization is also included in earnings.

Green corn (one step before ripe , just like the Grünhäcksel mod ) can also be mowed without yield loss . Earlier Wachsstumsstufe can also mow , but here is the biomass yield significantly lower.

For mowing of non- mature Wachsstumsstufen * can * be incorporated into the maps a special fruit ( green_windrow ) . What this looks like exactly can you look at yourselves in the current MIG Map . As I said, * can * . If this type of fruit is not installed sets the deck from grass swaths. Why : Because it looks saublöd if you mow green crop and golden straw is there. A suitable multi Fruit module is the MIG also included.

What do you do with these swaths of now ? They shreds by pickup (see videos ) from the Titanium -addon . No, I war of giants nothing for it but along with the Multi Fruit mod are really nice machines and a rewarding DLC 🙂

Grassland fertilization :

Finally, one can sense his manure (even the crap ) deploy on grassland . However, this second function only works on maps on which the manure manure mod is installed . It is sufficient for this purpose , if the old version 1.1 is installed on the map. For the their version 2.0 , however, need up because you have to turn off the meadows for spreading the field boundaries detection.

One mowing now a powered lawn organic fertilizer increased the yield when mowing and fertilizer is removed. The manure / dung textures take over virtually the spray – layer function on fields . This also means that the Schiete must be new for each growth cycle on the meadow.

The whole thing is multiplayer capable AND MR compatible ( explicitly with the newer MR 1.2/1.3 betas ) .

Have fun mowing !


Idee/Skript: upsidedown
Grafiken/Texturen: Eribus
Einbau MIG green_windrow: bullgore