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Nordeifel v 0.98

Nordeifel Map

Nordeifel Map

Nordeifel Map

Nordeifel Map

Nordeifel Map

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Moin people,

I present today my Nordeifelmap to download.
I know myself that makes some errors which, however, are not bad.
I will not bring a v1, because I have no more pleasure to continue building on the map.
This map should work on low-Pc’s, but am not sure.
The map has two courtyards, two biogas plants, a cowshed, 2 villages

Then have fun with the map.

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wuddy, Mr818Vario, Vertex Design (Katuso, steffen30muc), Fatian, LTW, Giants, Eifok und danke an die anderen Modder deren Objekte ich verwende.
Ich weis leider nicht von wem welche Objekte sind deshlab melden das ich euch in die Credits einf├╝gen kann.


New Holland T8.420 v 1.0 MR [MP]


Cutters for Sunflower v 1.0

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