here I want to introduce a MiniModPack intended for ForstMod
Here at is three placeable objects.

At first I want to introduce the Placeable barrier I’ve made some time ago in the version 1 for you to DL.

The changes to the barrier:

Collisions have been changed .. barks and hat split correctly
Barges with feet and lamps were installed.
Light script from Marhu was installed so that the lamps are flashing. Here’s a thank you to Marhu for his help.

Now for the tree slides / Wood Boecken:
Eigendlich I thought no longer turn to change something on the Boecken but somehow falls a still a minor one .. Sorry for that

Changed were still at the Boecken:
Oh … Well, there are two variants!

A Brief for sawn logs
A very long for complete tree lengths.

Now you wonder why so sure a Huge long slide or? So I’ve always liked chaffed in one whole piece and small slides the tribes Haakten always happy times, that should now be over with the long slide 🙂

Change the slides:

Something made narrower
Reduces the height of the ramps
Skid plates installed (for beautification without function)

To install:

miniModPack unpack and pack in the single folder the respective zip files in your modfolder … that’s it 🙂

I hope you can do with it what you wish and have a lot of fun with it 🙂