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Placeable Sale of manures v 1.0 [MP]

Placeable Sale of manures

Placeable Sale of manures

Placeable Sale of manures

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New Earth
Soils & Compost


This item is placeable.
We can sell the dung and liquid manure.
Very useful to discard any leftovers from our farm.


Model 3D: Javier007
Textured: Javier007
Ingame: Javier007

Placeable Sale of manures v 1.0 [MP]
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  1. goldmine231

    doesn’t work

  2. Adam

    Doesn’t work.

  3. Farmdog4444

    Works just fine for Garret Dump Wagon (all fruits) the brown one, but not with the default slurry wagons (large) haven’t tried the small one yet. It must be placed on location of current sales trigger, like the mill, which is closest to the cows/dairy.

    Be careful of the ‘fake’ truck scales (unnecessary in my book except for looks) you can get hung up on them quite easily and the metal has almost no friction to gain traction.

    Place it in the northwest corner of the mill and it should work for dumping solid furtilizer. I don’t know which slurry/liquid tanker it trigers to but so far no luck with the default ones or the one included in titanium’s version of FS 2013. Hope this helps.

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