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Placeable silos v 2.0 [SP]

Placeable silos

Placeable silos

this is a mod to store wheat, barley, rape and maize
price: 49.000€
daily upkeep: 250€
use it like the standard grain silo
place it like any other placeable mod 😉
bonus: edit your vehicles.xml to change fruit types (not supported)



Placeable silos v 2.0 [SP]
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Scania R620 v 1.0 MR Blue [MP]


Sulky Xeos


  1. Anonymous


    I downloaded this mod, but when i try to place the silo’s i only get the move arrows but not the buildings itself! how can i place them?

  2. Xav

    I have the same problem

  3. zeb miller

    I get that as well with this and other placeable mods. on other placeable silos , i have had to open the map with giants editor and add the slos where i wanted them in the editor. i have read in other help sections where you can only place on acceptable surfaces.

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