RABA 180 pack

RABA 180 pack

I set before you this day Raba 180 3.0.
(in collaboration with Linky & Balogh)

what’s new, what’s different:

in the pack are 3 different Raba are 180 models

1 Lighting revised (flawless function)

2 Fixed texture error

3 Fitted with new wheels

4 Engine rpm and speed adjusted (approx. 40 mph)

5 Raba Raba standard blue and now have expandable ZW tires

6 Tire tracks were endfernt (faulty)


Num 5 working lights front

Num 6 Rear work lights

Num 1,2,3 turn signals and hazard warning lights

Num 7 ZW tires


LPG-Kollektiv, Linky & Balogh

RABA 180 pack v 3.0 [MP]
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