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Silverado K2500HD V 2.0

Silverado K2500HD

I present to you a little raw modes American pickup truck so do not judge strictly. Without additional scripts, except weight.

Requires patch 2.0


Kostolom, Leon, Rock1899, keks15

Silverado K2500HD V 2.0
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ZIL 4314101 v 3.0


Ikarus 280 v 2.0 [MP]


  1. thomas

    does it have a fifth wheel?????

  2. Gabe Clark

    no but it should

  3. John King

    bad truck

  4. justin

    nice truck love it !

  5. Ben

    what do you have againts chevy

  6. me

    I like how y’all got this to be so much like in real life it sucks just like a chevy

  7. hockeyrox

    if schevy sucks than ford sucks

    • cumminsmaster

      I agree cummins will yank that front axel out of a chevy and pull it around the world 85 times

      • hockeyrox

        your comparing a huge cummins 3500 to a small silverado 1500. well no shit ram 3500 is going to win because its bigger got more power and bigger engine but ram 3500 would have no chance against a chevy kodiak. a ramm 3500 is like a honda civic compared to the chevy kodiak.

  8. DON


  9. nick

    this truck is awesome I love it !!! 🙂

  10. JAMES

    does it have a goose neck hook

  11. El Camino

    I perfer Fords in this game over chvevy or any other brand

  12. Shawn P.

    Most of the Fords I have downloaded have terrible speed control and start doing wheelies with fairly light loads. And I haven’t had much experience with Chevrolet, but I’m a Cummins boy, so I’m sticking with dodge but I will try out this mod.

  13. Wally Eaton

    I have this truck in real life my brother has a cummins the cummins front axle came right the minute he moved the boat with it dodge is for girls

  14. LucmanX

    Chevy Needs To Die In A Hole. Ford And Dodge Are Way Better.

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