Single axle bale trailer

Single axle bale trailer

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Hallo Farming Simulator friends,

today I present to you my single axle bale trailer, but not MP friendly!
The downloaded file does not require unpacking.
Update 2.0 or higher is required for this mod.


scale 1:1
unfortunately only SP friendly (no log errors on the Standard Map)
all AO textures are in .dds format

It can be automatically or manually loaded with:

6 woll pallets
6 big bales
7 round (GIANTS) bales
14 small round (Ursus) bales
13 (GIANTS) square bales
94 small square bales


Model: azobavnik
Ingame: azobavnik, CebuljCek
Textures: CebuljCek
Skript: d47 strawmod / Bassaddict / Steve007 / CebuljCek

Single axle bale trailer v 1.0
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