3 mods:

1x semi tractor with crane and chainsaw
1x semi logging trailer
1x wood claw

1964 Magirus 200 D 26 AS Forest

In 1944 the engineers at KHD (Kloeckner-Humboldt-Deutz) Constructed aircooled diesel engines producable mass, no other German company built search engines. In 1951 Magirus Introduced a completely Call re-designed truck series, the production of the allwheel driven “Eckhauber” (sharp edged bonnet) started in 1953rd
200 D 26 AS all wheel tractor with Meiller Crane for forest purposes, wheelbase 4200 mm.
With chainsaw onboard!

Logging semi trailer for Magirus 200 D 26 SF

Semi trailer for Magirus 200 D 26 SF
For log transport.

Magirus Meiller wood claw

For use with Magirus 200 D 26 SF.

Author 3d model:

Conversion FS2013:

Sven777b, StarT, Manuel leithner rafftnix, FireAndIce, fruktor

chainsaw (Forestmod)
mouse controlled crane
loading logs (Forestmod)
grabbing logs (Forestmod)
load help line (Forestmod)
floating position
animated parts
lights addon
wheel particles
no log errors

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